Care for Callas

Jaarrond leveren wij acht soorten Calla’s van Nederlandse bodem.

Care for Callas

            Year-round, we supply seven varieties of Callas from Dutch soil.

the Calla

graceful, elegant and charming

A colourful flower that is versatile. A flower that surprises every time it grows quietly from its stem.

Year-round, we supply seven varieties of high-quality Calla. We do so with continuous care for our product. From propagation, and covering, to packaging our flowers. We do our utmost to let our customers enjoy this beautiful flower as long as possible.

Future Flowers, since 2001

We have been growing the charming Calla for a long time. We combine the knowledge and skills we have built up over the years with today's modern techniques. Future Flowers is a unique horticultural company in De Lier, where a great niche product is grown on a small scale.

Our Product range

Sweet art

The Sweet Art is a Calla for special moments. To tell people you appreciate, that you love them!  The colour of the Calla is white to soft pink.  A gorgeous colour that is easy to mix in a bouquet with white and pink shades!

• Available in spring and summer

Crystal Blush

From the start of our business, we have been familiar with the best of the Callas, the Crystal Blush. This small-flowered Calla is a household name in our nursery and much loved by our customers for its wide applicability. Crystal Blush is a must-have for every florist!

• Available all year round

Captain Ventura

Captain Ventura is a stunning off-white Calla with a medium-sized calyx. The flower acts as an eye-catcher in exclusive floral arrangements for ornamental, mourning and wedding. Did you know that Ventura is a popular maiden name in Spain and means happiness? A flower with a wonderful meaning!

• Available all year round

“The Calla is a beautiful, eccentric flower. They also have a chic appearance. For many years, I have loved working with the Callas from Future Flowers. I incorporate them into my floral arrangements with distinctive frames. For me, it is a big plus that the flower contains no leaves. Besides the special flower shape, the fresh green and bendable stems are very good to incorporate into my designs!”


Dutch Flower Arranging Champion (2018)