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Future Flowers is the only grower in the Netherlands growing a collection of no less than seven varieties. We have many varieties in our assortment with the characteristic flexible stem, which makes the flower very popular for use in bridal arrangements, corsages, funeral gifts and various other decorations. We sort our Callas in lengths of 40, 50, 60 and 70 centimetres.

Discover our colourful collection:

Our Product range

Sweet art

The Sweet Art is a Calla for special moments. To tell people you appreciate, that you love them!  The colour of the Calla is white to soft pink.  A gorgeous colour that is easy to mix in a bouquet with white and pink shades!

• Available in spring and summer

Crystal Blush

From the start of our business, we have been familiar with the best of the Callas, the Crystal Blush. This small-flowered Calla is a household name in our nursery and much loved by our customers for its wide applicability. Crystal Blush is a must-have for every florist!

• Available all year round

Captain Ventura

Captain Ventura is a stunning off-white Calla with a medium-sized calyx. The flower acts as an eye-catcher in exclusive floral arrangements for ornamental, mourning and wedding. Did you know that Ventura is a popular maiden name in Spain and means happiness? A flower with a wonderful meaning!

• Available all year round

Captain Odeon

Captain Odeon is a flamed Calla with a warm colour. Especially in autumn, the flower comes into its own in a colourful autumn bouquet! Under optimal conditions, the flower is orange in colour. Because of the flexible stem, this variety is also very suitable for bridal and funeral arrangements.

• Available in spring and autumn

Gold Medal

We have been growing this beauty for several years and it has taken a favourite position in our assortment. The ochre Gold Medal is a cheerful flower that brightens up many a spring bouquet. Naturally, this variety is very popular at Easter, but we enjoy growing it all year round!

• Available all year round


Rudolph, who doesn't know him? Rudolph steals the show during the Christmas period with his beautiful aubergine colour. Rudolph is also a welcome guest outside the Christmas period. The combination of calyx size, colour and firmness of the stem make Rudolph eminently suitable for floral arrangements at various parties and celebrations.

• Available all year round


Breeders in the flower world haven't succeeded much yet, but with the Calla, we have a black-coloured variety available; the Odessa. Beautiful and a touch mysterious. We are proud to grow this special variety. With its relatively small calyx and pliable stem, it can be used in many special creations.

• Available all year round